Austin New Church seeks to LOVE God and to LEARN and LIVE the ways of Jesus.

We believe there are spiritual, relational, and physical needs in every community. 

Our hope is to engage those needs in our neighborhoods, our city, and our world.

  • We see a church that is driven by God's vision for unity to be bold and innovative in partnering across denominations, with other churches, ministries, and organizations. We believe that together, we can share the Good News of the Kingdom of God to a hurting world regardless of social status, orientation, or faith background.  
  • We see a church that cares passionately for the oppressed, the abandoned, the helpless, and those in spiritual, relational, and physical need. We believe it is the Church’s responsibility to lead this movement in both our community and throughout the world.   
  • We see a church that values worship that exalts God. We believe that when God is lifted up we have the privilege of experiencing His presence and have a greater opportunity to discern His Truth.
  • We see a church that values biblical teaching. We believe that the truth of scripture is relevant and transcends time and culture.
  • We see a church where people can find inclusive community. We believe that the church should be the best place to build honest and encouraging relationships that speak, share, and seek to live out God’s truth.   
  • We see a Church that cares for the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of one another. We see a church that inspires people to learn and live the example of Christ. We believe that true inspiration will come when people see an honest image of Jesus’ life and teaching.
  • We see a church that values each individual’s personal gifts and abilities. We believe that each person in the body of Christ should discover and use their gifts to God’s glory in serving others.