While we certainly have what we think is an awesome “church” gathering on Sundays, it is more accurate to describe Austin New Church as a network of small faith communities that meet throughout the year within their region of Austin. 

Since Austin New Church is located in downtown Austin, our people come from all over the greater Austin area. We have 5 neighborhoods "boroughs":

*Far North (Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown)

*Northwest Central (North of Downtown)

*SoCentral (Downtown/near ANC)

*Southwest (South of Downtown)

*Buda/Kyle (Far South)

We believe people typically find God when they encounter his people. The Neighborhood Groups is a great way to connect to those who live in your neighborhood. 

Due to the inability to meet in traditional ways, we are doing our best to set up occasional gatherings that happen within loosely formed neighborhoods.  Since we are following local COVID guidelines, these are mostly in backyards and parks and numbers must be limited.  They aren’t as regular as we’d like, and we’ve found that during the holiday season and the summer months, gatherings are hard to organize and/or attendance is low.  We have neighborhood leaders who are looking for volunteers to host gatherings and if you are interested in helping, just let us know.   

Not sure which group you belong to? Want to join your neighborhood group? Send us an email and we can direct you to the right leader for your neighborhood!