We continue to partner with Help One Now as we believe in their mission to empower families and help end extreme poverty.   Help One Now is raising awareness and funds for vulnerable communities around the world affected by COVID-19.  

With countries going on complete lockdown and trade coming to a halt, vulnerable families are no longer able to rely on the local economy for the little income they already had.  Additionally, most children in these communities receive their only daily meal from school, all of which are now closed.  In short, closed borders mean food scarcity and higher prices.  Closed schools means children may go days without a meal.  Many in the developing world are fearing hunger, not the virus.    

Help One Now aims to keep families together and give them the support they need to not only survive this pandemic, but continue to grow and thrive when it's over.  

Please follow along here for more details about how you can help during this time.